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Frequently asked questions

  1. Am I eligible for Student Finance?

    You apply for a Tuition Fee Loan through Student Finance England; please refer to the website to check deadlines and eligibility.

  2. How do I pay my tuition fees?

    Payments can be made online on the VLE in the “My Accounts” area. Alternatively, fees can be paid in person at the campus at the Information Desk by credit or debit card (Visa or MasterCard), or by bank transfer (quote Full Name and ARUL ID in the reference).

    Please note that we do not accept American Express.


  3. When do I receive my Student Finance?

    We confirm attendance and registration by submitting an electronic file to the SLC. We do this daily and include all fully enrolled students whose student loan information is available to the University. This ensures that students’ registration and attendance are confirmed automatically and as soon as possible, in most circumstances within 24 hours of the information becoming available. You are a fully registered student once you have attended your first class of teaching, this applies to both new and returning students.

    Once the steps above have been completed, tuition fees are paid directly to the university and we apply these to your university account. Your maintenance loan is paid into your nominated bank account. Possible reasons for not receiving payment include: you have not supplied your NI number to the SLC or that you are not fully enrolled at the university.

  4. I’ve attended but have not received my payment within the timeframe, what do I do?

    Check with Finance team at ARUL 0207 400 6778,, to see whether your registration has been sent to SLC. If it has been sent, contact SLC 0300 100 0607 to enquire when the payment will be transferred to you.

  5. What is an SSN?

    SSN stands for Student Support Number, generated by SLC. This is in addition to the Customer Reference Number (CRN) issued to you; both are separate numbers serving a different purpose. To obtain your personal SSN, you may log online to your Student Finance account and download your entitlement letter under the ‘documents’ tab and then by clicking on ‘entitlement letter’. The SSN will be under a bar code on the payment schedule letter. Alternatively, you may contact SLC directly and the phone operator will be able to give your SSN. ARU must have a record of your SSN in order for registration to be confirmed.

  6. What if I changed my course name during the academic year, how do I notify SLC?

    ARUL will submit a change of circumstance (coc) notifying them of the change in course name, you do not need to do anything from your end unless notified by SLC.

  7. I’ve applied for childcare fees and have not received it, what do I do?

    Please contact the Finance team to enquire whether an attendance confirmation was sent to SLC -

  8. SLC is causing delays on my application, what do I do?

    ARUL will not be able to do anything to speed up the process as the assessment is carried out at SLC. However, as SLC is a government organisation, you may contact your local MP to acquire further assistance. In addition, you may contact SLC on a regular basis to check the progress of the application and to see if there is anything else they may need from you.

    Please note that if we do not receive confirmation of a Tuition Fee Loan approval by a given deadline, you will be asked to self-fund the Tuition Fee.

  9. I’ve applied for a Tuition Fee Loan at the start of the course, do I need to re-apply again in the subsequent academic years?

    Yes, you are required to re-apply again in each academic year. However, the process is different for a continuing student. You simply log on to your Student Finance account, and click ‘Apply for xx/xx (refers to academic year)', then follow the on-screen instructions. Please ensure you read and complete the form carefully to prevent further delays. We would advise you to apply as early as possible.

  10. I wish to withdraw from the course, how will my finance be affected?

    Please refer to ‘Student Finance leaflet’ which can be obtained by contacting Finance team -

  11. What are ARU London's bank account details?

    Bank name: Allied Irish Bank (GB)

    Bank address:       Hampstead branch, 202 Finchley Road, London NW3 6BX

    Bank swift ID:       AIBKGB2L

    Account name:      LCA London Limited

    Account number:   01024313

    Sort code:             23-83-95

    Bank IBAN: GB07 AIBK 2383 9501 0243 13

  12. Is the course fee refundable if I am unable to obtain a visa?

    Our refund policy is stated in our Terms and Conditions of Enrolment.

  1. I am having trouble logging into Turnitin. What should I do?

    If you are having trouble logging in to your Turnitin account, you can follow these steps:

    •Click on ‘reset password’

    •Enter your email address and your last name or ARU ID Number (which is on your ID card).

    Please note that all students should have been issued their log in details. If a module does not appear in your Turnitin account, please email stating your ID number and the subject that is missing.

    For further information please view our Turnitin Guide


  2. Where and how do I submit my assignments?

    Assignments must be submitted on the day of the deadline by 2pm online on Turnitin (electronic copy).

    If you have any difficulties uploading your work to Turnitin, please contact




  3. The Board of Examiners has decided that I am required to be withdrawn with immediate effect. What does this mean?

    To be withdrawn from the course with immediate effect means that you have not passed enough credits during the year and therefore cannot be allowed to progress to the next stage of study or to graduate. This means that you are not being allowed any further reassessment opportunities and that you have failed the course. We will inform you as to whether you are still eligible for an exit award such as a Diploma or Certificate of Higher Education, or PG Diploma or Certificate.  

    You can contact a Student Advisor if you need further advice or support as to what you can do once you have been withdrawn.




  4. Am I automatically going to be given the chance to be reassessed if I fail a single module?

    In most cases, re-assessment in a single module will be offered in compliance with the ‘ARU Assessment Regulations’.

Postgraduate Fees and Funding
  1. What are the fees for postgraduate degrees?

    The tuition fee for all postgraduate courses is £8,500. 

    The full-time course is run over 12 months with 3 payments of £2,805, £2,805 and £2,890 to be made throughout the year.

    The part-time course is run over 24 months with 3 payments of £1,402.50, £1,402.50 and £1,445 to be made each year. 

  2. I am an international student, can I enrol on a postgraduate course?

    Due to the delivery of our postgraduate courses, being evenings and weekends, they are not considered full-time courses by the UKBA. As such we are unable to sponsor international students with a visa for any postgraduate degree. If you do not require a visa to study ARU London would be happy to consider your application. 

  3. What type of of delivery would be best suited to me?

    ARU London offer a full-time and part-time delivery on our postgraduate degrees. Our current delivery days are Tuesday and Thursday evenings (18:00-21:00) and Saturday (10:00-16:00). 

    Full-time: 12 month course, delivered over 2 evenings and a Saturday. 

    Part-time: 24 month course, delivered over 2 evenings. 

    Taking on an MBA requires dedication as a student and it would be up to you to decide how much time you can put in. If you are finding it difficult to decide we would suggest attending an upcoming open day and speaking with a member of our postgraduate team. To view upcoming open days please visit

  4. Is there help for student with disabilities?

    You may be entitled to Disabled Students Allowances (DSAs) for physical or mental impairments, long-term or mental health conditions, or specific learning difficulties such as dyslexia. This funding covers the cost of the support you need – e.g. specialist equipment and non-medical helpers – like a note-taker or reader.

    First you’ll need either a letter from your doctor or consultant confirming your impairment or health condition, or a diagnostic assessment of your learning difficulty from a psychologist or specialist teacher.

    Then you can apply for DSA through Student Finance England. It can take up to three months to arrange, so make sure you apply early.

    If you’re eligible, you’ll then have an assessment to work out what you need – find an assessment centre near your course provider via the DSAs Quality Assurance Group website.

    Once everything’s arranged, the money will be paid directly to your service/equipment providers, or to your bank account.

  1. What are the new visa regulations?

    The UK now operates what is known as a points based system for the granting of the Tier 4 (student) visa.  For a successful visa application, you will need a Conformation of Acceptance for Studies (CAS) and to be able to demonstrate that you have sufficient money to cover the costs of your course and your living expenses whilst you are in the UK. Further information on applying for your visa

  2. Terms and Conditions for International Students

    For our terms and conditions for international students subject to immigration control please read - here

  3. What if I have lost my original transcript or certificate?

    Replacement transcripts and certificates can be purchased through the Anglia Ruskin University online store -

  4. What if my visa or passport details change or are updated

    If your visa or passport details change or are updated, you must send the updated version of your visa, passport and UKBA confirmation letter to:

  5. What do I do if I need an academic reference letter?

    It is not compulsory for a lecturer to provide a student with a reference and this will be at their discretion. A reference can be requested by sending the lecturer an e-mail. All of our academic's contact details can be found here -

    Alternatively, a general reference letter can be requested by sending an e-mail to .



  6. How do I apply for an ARU London course?

    ARU London prefers that applications for undergraduate courses are made through UCAS. Applications for Postgraduate courses as well as International Undergraduate students can be made by filling in the online application.

  7. Does ARU London offer accommodation?

    ARU London does not have any accommodation of its own. However, we have compiled a list of organisations offering student accommodation in the surrounding areas. Please view our Accommodation page.


  8. Can I apply for exemptions if I have a qualification in a related field?

    Please tick the box next to 'Are you applying for advanced entry (APL)' when creating your application. Alternatively you can write a note on the AMS Admission Management System - or contact us if you believe you may be eligible for exemptions. Usually you will need to demonstrate that your previous course of study was the equivalent - in terms of academic content, rigour, breadth and depth, of the module(s) you would have studied had you been an ARU London student at the time.

  9. What are the terms and conditions of enrolment?

    View ARU London's Terms and Conditions of Enrolment

Student Services
  1. How do I apply for a student Oyster Card?

    You need to apply directly on the Transport for London website. - Student Oyster Guide

  2. Are there printing/photocopying facilities available at ARU London?

    Students can top up their Attendance Card in order to use the printing/photocopying facilities available at ARU London. Printing/Photocopying costs 0.05p per sheet with a minimum top up of £2.00. Scanning is free of charge and will be sent as a PDF file to your registered personal e-mail address.


  3. How do I use my ARU ID card to touch in and out?

    If you have TWO lectures in a day, there are 6 steps to follow when touching in and out with your ARU London ID Card.


    1)      Touch in at the main entrance upon your arrival at ARU London

    2)      Touch in at the classroom before entering your lecture

    3)      Touch out of the classroom upon leaving your lecture


    4)      Touch in at the classroom before entering your lecture

    5)      Touch out of the classroom upon leaving your lecture

    6)      Touch out at the main entrance before leaving ARU London at the end of the day

    • Please note that if you touch in later than 10:30am (if you have a lecture in the morning) and 14.30pm (if you have a lecture in the afternoon), you will be marked as absent.
    • Tier 4 visa students must also present their ARU London ID Card to the security desk once a week for their Supervised Weekly Attendance.

    Attendance corrections will only be made for technological issues. If you believe you are having a technological issue with your attendance card then please e-mail for assistance, including ALL of the following

    • Your Name;
    • Your Attendance Card Number;
    • Specify the date, including AM and/or PM


  4. What do I do if I have forgotten my ID card?

    If you have forgotten your ID card, you will be required to purchase a temporary card in order to be marked present for your lecturers. This costs £2 and can be paid by cash or by card.

    The temporary ID card is valid for 24 hours only and you must return this at the end of the day.

  5. What do I do if I have lost my ID card?

    If you have lost your ID card you will be required to get a replacement ID card. The cost of a replacement ID card is £10. Your original ID card will be invalidated.

  6. How can I check my attendance?

    You can view your attendance by logging into your VLE account and going to the 'My Attendance' tab. Your attendance is updated on a daily basis.

    Please note that attendance corrections will only be made for technological issues.

  7. I can’t login to VLE, what should I do?

    You can re-set your password by clicking on the 'Forgotten Username/Password' link on the VLE log-in home page.

    For any other VLE queries, please contact the Information Centre by e-mailing


  8. Who do I contact if I have any problems with Anglia Ruskin e:Vision login?

    If you have forgotten your password to your e:Vision account, you will need to contact the ARU e:Vision helpdesk by calling them - 01245 493131. Please ensure that you provide them with your ARU Regsitration number when you call (1xxxxxxx/x). In order to be able to re-set this password yourself in future without calling the helpdesk, you can do this by completing the steps in our Password Manager Guide

  9. How do I mitigate an exam or obtain an extension for an assignment?

    To mitigate for an exam you must download the mitigation form from VLE. Complete the mitigation form with all of your details and provide any supporting evidence within 5 working days after the assessment date. You can also contact to request a mitigation form. All extension requests must be discussed with Emily Young -


  10. I want to know when my Transcripts and Certificates are ready for collection.

    A notification of when your Transcripts and Certificates are ready to be collected will be emailed to you. If you require a certificate to be sent to an overseas address you must make this request via email to You will then be requested to send your address and make the payment via the “VLE” online payment method.

    Please note that transcripts take approximately 1 month to arrive after the Awards Board has published results and certificates up to 2 months after transcripts have been issued.

  11. Where can I access my timetable?

    You can view your timetable by clicking on the 'My Timetable' tab on VLE.



  12. International students: What if I want to work full-time during my vacations?

    You will need to check the conditions of your visa to see if you are able to work full time during vacations. It is ARU London’s policy to never issue any documents that state working hours. However, we are able to offer letters confirming your vacation dates.  You may request a vacation letter via VLE.

  13. How do I request a letter?

    You will need to apply for a letter via VLE by clicking on the 'My Letter Requests' tab. You will then have the option to choose the appropriate letter from the list provided.

    Letters will be posted by second class post unless a student specifies that they wish to collect the letter from the Information Centre in the Additional Details box.

  14. I want to change my course. What should I do?

    You will be required to complete a Change of Course Form which can be found in the My Support tab on VLE. Please note that you will also need to write a personal statement explaining the reason(s) for wishing to change your course. Change of course requests are constrained by what is permissible in the Academic Regulations.




  15. How do I complete my e:Vision registration?

    If you are having trouble completing your e:Vision registration, please view our guide here.

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