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At ARU London we focus on a business-orientated education to ensure our students are equipped with the necessary knowledge, understanding and the all-important transferable skills for the world of work. 

We take great pride in ensuring that students are equipped with the necessary knowledge and understanding and those all-important transferable skills for the world of work. ARU London students graduate with the required work ethic, finely tuned analytical and problem solving abilities and the ambition to overcome challenges. All of which go towards ensuring a successful future career.

With this in mind, all our undergraduate degree courses include a module in the first year on Business Skills.

Our scheduling of lectures and tutorials optimise the chance of meaningful part-time work. A part-time job in the right sector can help hone your business acumen and boost your credentials with prospective employers. In addition, we are working with a number of employers to be able to offer integrated, paid, part-time internships to undergraduate students from their second year onwards.

Our careers advisors make use of the latest online facilities to ensure that before students start their search for a post-graduation job, they are knowledgeable about the varied and wide-ranging career opportunities that are open to them; they know how to construct an attractive employer-friendly CV, they have acquired successful interview techniques and they understand how to ensure that isometric and aptitude tests show off their strengths to the best advantage.

For more information and details, or if you are an employer looking for interns of the highest calibre, please contact

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