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Internship Scheme and Work Experience

At ARU London, we offer our top achieving students the opportunity to partake in our internship scheme. This gives students the chance to be placed within a company on a paid internship providing them with invaluable experience of the business world. With partners such as King and King, Empowered Systems and FirstRand Bank, this is a great scheme to boost our student's employability.

Within the scheme, our Employment Department assists students by giving feedback on their CV and cover letters as well as teaching valuable interview techniques. The scheme is run throughout the year and with a number of positions available at partner firms.

At ARU London we also value the importance of gaining industry experience if you are lacking experience or if you are new to the industry, which is why we focus on building your employability skills and work with you to find relevant work experience.

For details of your eligibility for the scheme, or if you are an employer looking for interns of the highest calibre, please contact

Ola Szynkielewska

BSc(Hons) Business and Law

Ola Szynkielewska

Ola Szynkielewska - BSc(Hons) Business and Law

Ola Szynkielewska was placed in a 3 day a week internship with Empowered Systems in her second year of study at ARU London. Empowered systems design business software for clients such as Lloyds TSB, HSBC and RBS. She has been able to put the theory that she has learnt in her lectures into practice in a real business setting.

We spoke to Ola to find out what she thought of her Internship. "The job has allowed me to gain very valuable experience in the office environment as well as experience in the field that I have been studying. It's a rare opportunity to be able to study and work in London at the same time. Even though it's been hard and long 2 years I have finished University with 2 years of experience, which not many graduates have and this is a big advantage for me now."

Ola graduated from ARU London in 2014 with a First Class Degree in BSc(Hons) Business Law and has gone on to secure full time employment with the company. Taking part in the internship scheme has allowed Ola to gain experience in her field whilst studying and has excelled her into a graduate job straight from university.  

Javed Ali

BSc (Hons) Business and Hospitality Management

Javed Ali

Javed Ali - BSc (Hons) Business and Hospitality Management

Javed has been working at Comfort Inn Westminster for his placement as a part of his course from September 2015. As a Front of House Associate there is a lot of multitasking involved but some of the key responsibilities are to welcome guests and ensure that guests receive high quality service and also to promote loyalty amongst a broad range of customers. Javed is currently working in various departments to understand the different responsibilities involved, and to understand the company expectations. In his position he has learned a lot about the how the hospitality industry functions such as Guest Relations, Revenue Management, and Inventory Management.

Javed’s team at Comfort Inn Westminster were recently awarded as ‘finalist’ in the “Comfort Inn Hotel of the Year” category UK region. The team have all been very friendly and supportive and he has learned new skills and is now due to undertake new tasks within the operational and marketing departments. 

Hassan Gohar

BSc (Hons) Finance and Accounting

Hassan Gohar

Hassan Gohar - BSc (Hons) Finance and Accounting

Hassan is an Overseas student at Anglia Ruskin University London who has shown grit and determination during his studies. Hassan is focused on pursuing an accounting profession which has seen him working with clients such as Basunia Financial in his initial position in the UK as well as helping expansion plans of Papa John’s Franchise stores in Southampton. He assisted Papa John’s with their strategic development through business plans, investment loan proposals and feasibility reports and successfully increased their sales by 30% within 6 months in his position as Manager. 

Hassan has shown a lot of potential from the start, his passion comes from a young age where he has won many competitions as a chess master and competes in Chess regularly and enjoys playing cricket for London Gym Khana Cricket Club. He has recently been selected for a full-time permanent position with Amigo Food Group who are a specialist cured meat provider. As a Financial advisor in Amigo Food Group he has enjoyed applying all his professional knowledge which he has learnt during his studies to the position. Hassan commented on his learning experience “Although I progressed with flying colours in terms of my qualification from ARU, the most important factor was that it provided me with in-depth knowledge of business and finance which has enabled me to be very comfortable in my workplace.”

“Being an international student, moving to the one of the world’s most exciting financial centres was daunting and felt like everything was new to me. Receiving great mentors during my studies not only supported me but helped in pursuing my career ambitions. I feel proud to represent my university, my country and my workplace. Being the youngest person in my company I believe that success is no accident but can be achieved through hard work, perseverance, learning, studying, making sacrifices and most of all love and passion for what you are doing.”

Hassan is planning for post-graduation and his specialisation will be in Foreign Direct Investment. His long term objective is to give something back to his country, Pakistan, by contributing to the Pak-China economic corridor project’s success and infrastructure.

Hassan is very thankful to support he has received from his relatives, the work placement team and the wonderful teachers at Anglia Ruskin University London.

Khayrullo Abdullaev

BSc (Hons) Business and Law

Khayrullo Abdullaev

Khayrullo Abdullaev - BSc (Hons) Business and Law

Business and Immigration Adviser 

At Anglia Ruskin London, employer visits, careers fairs and jobs are advertised on a regular basis. Through Internship Schemes, and employability skills building this enables students to be equipped and ready to apply for positions when available. Khayrullo seized the moment by attending one of these networking opportunities, in which he was offered a part time job opportunities with Premier Inn, London Blackfriars with the backing from Anita Virik – The Head of Work Placement, who he is extremely grateful for.

The starting phase of Khayrullo’s degree in January 2014 was a daunting time for him.“When I first began working, I found it difficult to adapt to the different challenges I faced and I sometimes felt somewhat overwhelmed by it all, however my colleagues helped me learn quickly and I grasped on to things very quickly which made me more comfortable.”

Khayrullo, who has experience working in Hospitality in one of Uzbekistan’s leading Hotels, studied a foundation degree with Westminster University in his home country, he became interested in Business and Law through his time acting as a lawyer during the universities’ mock trials. To pursue his passion Khayrullo sought experience within the Law industry and he was particularly interested in Company Law and International Trade Law, he applied over 100 times to law firms however was not successful.

Khayrullo, who remained in contact with the Placement team, noticed a job advert and due to his proactive nature and roles as a student ambassador he was fast-tracked into a Law firm position who specialise in Immigration Law – Barar Associates.

Khayrullo initially started off as an intern by shadowing on a voluntarily basis, due to his positive demeanour and mock interview preparation the employer agreed to offer to cover his expenses as they saw a lot of potential in him. This led to a permanent full time position with Barar Associates. The success lies in his work ethic, not being afraid of challenges, being flexible, committed and trusting that this will pay off in the future.

His employers had some kind words to say about our student “Khayrullo is always full of passion to learn new things. He has a natural approach to customer service and he has taken everything in his stride and is so hungry for learning that he is already taking on different responsibilities. Khayrullo is determined to succeed in anything that he puts his mind to, for him, failure is not an option and this is something that makes him shine above the rest”.

He has developed well during his studies, academically being awarded on two occasions the Top Achievers Award and graduating with a First Class Honours.He is now comfortable working with all externals including 3rd parties, counsels and MPs, Solicitors, Managers and with the Head of Work Placement. His ambitions and plans are to be a lawyer by completing the relevant training and qualifications on a part time basis whilst progressing within the Law firm.

Antanas Gomolickis

BSc (Hons) Business and Marketing

Antanas Gomolickis

Antanas Gomolickis - BSc (Hons) Business and Marketing

Antanas has shown a great deal of ambition and drive during his studies, culminating in him achieving a 1st Class Degree. As well as being undoubtedly successful academically, scoring a top achieving grade of 96 in Business Strategy, his dynamic and can do attitude have aided him in developing professionally.

Antanas was selected for the ARUL Internship Scheme, in which he passed and progressed very well, he was then shortlisted and interviewed for a Finance Assistant position with a Legal firm named ELS Legal LLP. He was not selected, however owing to his persistence he recently landed a Graduate Marketing Analyst position at a Digital Company who specialise in building online applications for the consumer space in the B2C and B2B markets and work with Brands such as Lotto Social and Rollover Bing.

Antanas has experience working in retail back in his home country, and has gained experience in admin, office, data and stock management in the UK initially gained through temping. All this experience has helped him to break in to the relevant sector, knocking on to every door and networking. He has worked in different areas of the UK, in freelancing positions, throughout various projects and with clients from the private and public sectors.

Antanas studied Business and Marketing as he enjoys the creative and analytical elements that this course has to offer. He states that he has received a lot of support in the difficult modules which has helped him raise his game. His most interesting modules were Consumer Behavior and Business Strategy, which unsurprisingly, were his best with a first in both modules. He was World Number 1 for 10 weeks running, ARUL Industry winner and 3rd place in the Worldwide invitational in the Business Strategy Simulation. This has enabled Antanas to learn valuable lessons in Strategic, Sales, HRM and Marketing decision making as well as causal connections to succeed in business. 

Antanas’s future objectives are to gain more exposure in the marketing environment and progress to an executive level analyst position and specialise into his own niche market. Antanas has shown that grit, determination and focus, along with a flexible and positive mindset helps you in succeeding. He has shown a lot of potential and willingness to put learning into practice during his time here and during his involvement in Employability skills activities. 

ARU London would like to wish him all the best for what the future brings him and is certain that he has much success to come.

Priscilla Sousa

BSc (Hons) Finance and Accounting

Priscilla Sousa

Priscilla Sousa - BSc (Hons) Finance and Accounting

Whilst studying her second year at ARU London Priscilla ventured into the Fintech sector working for Empowered Systems who were a London-based financial software provider. Empowered Systems delivered innovative business software solutions for governance, risk, compliance, and regulatory reporting for organisations with complex data management challenges such as large banks.

Priscilla has 11 years experience as a manager in the hospitality industry and was employed as a Junior Business Analyst on a 3 day a week part-time basis, and due to her charismatic approach, built up knowledge and experience she developed well within the company.

Priscilla had this to say:

“My previous position as Operations Manager gave me the confidence that I needed for the Business Analyst position. Due to the already gained transferable skills, I felt comfortable and prepared for this role. These along with the material that I learnt at ARU London such as financial reporting, financial audit, how to write business reports and dealing with budgets, have helped me gain a wide array of knowledge which I’m positive will come to good use for my career. I aimed to use this part-time experience as a stepping stone in to major businesses in the Fintech sector. I am pleased to say that it actually provided a big stepping stone. The company I was working for was taken over by Thomson Reuters and due to having just finished my undergraduate degree I was offered a full-time position as a Business Analyst. I ended up with a great chance to develop myself further and build a successful career in the corporation world.

Since working at Empowered Systems (now part of Thomson Reuters), Priscilla has been able to work on various important internal and external projects such an enablement programmes and building risk management applications for large banks which has allowed her to gain exposure to important clients and stakeholders.

Priscilla has certainly faced challenges, for instance learning and transferring to a completely new career. She had to essentially adapt to a different environment and to complex business models. Thankfully, due to her versatility and the willingness she has successfully managed to overcome her great challenges and is more determined and passionate to succeed in the Fintech industry.

Priscilla’s objective is to gain as much knowledge as possible within the company and the industry, providing her with the ability to share her knowledge and manage teams in the future, as this forms a great part of her personal and professional experience. In addition, she plans to continue her studies with an MSc in Business Economic and Finance programme to enhance her career growth.

Katrina Urbano

Master of Business Administration - Healthcare

Katrina Urbano

Katrina Urbano - Master of Business Administration - Healthcare

Katrina has worked for Spire Roding Hospital as a Theatre Healthcare Assistant since March 2015. When her MBA course commenced, she was able to use this as her placement module without the inconvenience of leaving a role which she was enjoying and flourishing in.

As a Theatre Healthcare Assistant, it was Katrina’s responsibility to prepare all of the necessary surgical equipment for the operations due to take place for that day. She also had to ensure that the operation procedure from pre-operation to post-operation was fully explained to the patient, whilst answering any questions they may have. Operations are a scary thought for any individual and it was Katrina’s job to calm and re-assure the patient in all aspects of what was due to take place.

Katrina explains that whilst she was working, she still had deadlines to meet in terms of her assignments. When questioned on how she was able to manage this, Katrina stated, ‘It is paramount that you do not get disconnected from your studies; you still need to ensure that you are leaving yourself another time to complete the academic part of your course. If you stay connected to both your placement and assignments, you can manage your time effectively.’

Due to the nature of the work involved, Katrina believes that her teamwork skills have developed as a result of her placement. ‘I was working alongside surgeons, anaesthetists and scrub nurses, all of whom shared the common aim of providing the patient with a safe environment in which the operation could be performed effectively. It was a high pressured role in a high pressured environment but this is something I thrive upon.’

Katrina was impressed with the ‘excellent training and development opportunities’ which her managers provided at Spire Roding. She hopes that she will continue working there and progress within the hospital following the completion of her MBA.

Cornel Salceanu

BSc Business and Hospitality Management

Cornel Salceanu

Cornel Salceanu - BSc Business and Hospitality Management

Cornel started his full time work placement in September 2015 as part of his course at Park Plaza Westminster Bridge Hotel as a Housekeeping Porter. The student worked at Park Plaza on a part time basis before his work placement. Cornel received all mandatory Hospitality training and also completed cross training whereby the student had to shadow an employee who worked in another function of the hotel. This training is designed to build multiple talents and skills through learning from other areas within the Hotel, thus becoming more knowledgeable and versatile.

Cornel had this to say “I have learnt how to improve my communication skills and have also enjoyed learning about new programs such as Hot Sauce for restaurant management and Opera (Micros) for reservations. Throughout this whole process I have become more accountable, I have learnt how to manage staff more effectively and really build my confidence.”

The employer has been very happy with the Cornel’s performance and he was recently promoted to Night Shift Supervisor due his interest, efforts and passion for what he does. Cornel is currently on a Step Up course to build his knowledge and skills required for the Supervisor position. The partnership formed between the employer and the work placement team has enabled the student to progress more rapidly.

Indira Sapkota

Master of Business Administration (Healthcare)

Indira Sapkota

Indira Sapkota - Master of Business Administration (Healthcare)

Indira started her full time work placement in September 2015 as part of her course at Magnolia Court which is part of Barchester who are one of the biggest independent care providers in the United Kingdom. Indira began working there on a part time basis as a Care Assistant. Indira completed all mandatory and legislative training that was required as well as specialised training in handling dementia and individuals with mental and physical health problems.

Indira had this to say about her placement experience “The work placement has helped me to develop my confidence and helped me to progress in my career path.”
The employer emphasized that the student was very reliable, honest, respectful and hardworking and used her own initiative incredibly well. The student’s progress is on-going and the employer mentioned that the student could learn more from the Registered Nurses and Unit leaders for the remainder of her time on placement.


Tamires Taquidir

BSc Business and Hospitality Management

Tamires Taquidir

Tamires Taquidir - BSc Business and Hospitality Management

Tamires started her full time work placement in September 2015 as part of her course at Jamie’s Italian as a receptionist. She joined a rustic Italian restaurant serving only the best fresh ingredients which are meticulously sourced from local producers. Jamie’s Italian were founded in Oxford in 2008, they have since grown to more than 30 restaurants in the UK.
Being part of a business which has an exciting expansion plan and working for a business that is going through a lot of growth with openings of new franchise restaurants in UAE, Australia, Ireland, Russia, Hungary, Turkey, Singapore, New Zealand, Brazil, Sweden, Canada, India, Indonesia, Netherlands and Hong Kong demands a high level of commitment by ensuring that Tamires is consistently punctual so that the business can function in such a high paced environment.
Her employer has been very satisfied with her performance, punctuality and most of all her attitude. Tamires had this to say about her work placement “I have been very satisfied with my work placement, where I have become much more organised and have learnt time management skills and the importance of respecting the customer’s opinion & feedback. I am now more knowledgeable about all our products as well as the systems that we use. I see myself one day owning a restaurant and in the near future I would like to progress into a managerial position as an assistant manager.”


Lubna Jahan Akter

Master of Business Administration (Healthcare)

Lubna Jahan Akter

Lubna Jahan Akter - Master of Business Administration (Healthcare)

Lubna started off her full time work placement in September 2015 as a part of her course at Folkestone Nursing Home as a Health Care Assistant. Lubna started off with no experience in the Healthcare industry but was fortunate enough to receive all mandatory training in order for her to start her work placement. Her duties are mainly to care for the elderly by helping with their basic needs and showing care and consideration at all times. Lubna also organises activities and games for the elderly to help stimulate their minds and for their satisfaction.

Lubna had this to say “I have learnt various skills through working with team and with the activities coordinator have learnt the importance of being organised, respectful and understanding the health and safety guidelines”.

The Nursing Home has given Lubna an in-depth knowledge of how the nursing and care sector functions in the UK on a day to day basis and the on-going on the job training will help her to progress into the next phase of her work placement.

Muhammad Saqib Pervez

MSc. International Marketing

Muhammad Saqib Pervez

Muhammad Saqib Pervez - MSc. International Marketing

Muhammad has been working at Unilever Pakistan as part of a Brand Activation Department as a Junior Manager. His duties are mainly to look after different brand activations all over the country (Pakistan). In his position he has learnt a lot about on the ground activities, consumers interaction, quality assurance, devising ideas for pitching clients in a unique/innovative way to attract consumers towards the brand and primarily focusing on quality of the execution of any activity. Muhammad has this to say “The courses and case studies that were taught at Anglia Ruskin University London were really helpful for me in my practical life and those lessons are being applied in my day to day job activities”.

Muhammad’s team recently arranged one of the biggest Award shows in Pakistan with the name of Lux Style Awards. Working as an execution and safety guy in that project has taught him a lot about branding, executing the plan, quality assurance, safety and security. Muhammad has ambitions to further his career into the marketing sector.

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