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Work Placement

In today’s tough jobs market, graduates need to stand out from the crowd to successfully secure that all important first full-time job after university.  The Work Placement Team works very closely with the employers and with the students to help find a suitable part-time job which can be used for their work placement.  

The Work Placement Team delivers pre-employment preparation sessions which include CV workshops, interview techniques, career counselling and visits from prospective employers and provide one-to-one support, students are provided with a Step-By-Step Employment Preparation Handbook which all assists in the student securing a relevant job.

The Work Placement Team makes sure that help and guidance is provided at every stage and connect with the industry and employers, monitor and support throughout the student’s work placement and check on the student’s performance and provide students with feedback whilst on their work placements and upon their completion.

Work Placements are a compulsory part of the course and are available for students who are studying Healthcare and Hospitality course at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels.

For further details of your eligibility for the work placement, or if you are an employer looking to recruit students from the Healthcare or Hospitality industry, please contact

Fredrick Tonwe

Fredrick Tonwe

Fredrick Tonwe - BSc (Hons) Business and Healthcare Management

Fredrick has been working at Priory Hospital, Potters Bar for his work placement as a part of his course.  As a Registered Mental Health Nurse (RMN) working in a psychiatrist intensive care unit (PICU), his responsibilities consist mainly of providing practical and psychological support to individuals with severe and enduring mental health issues. Fredrick is accountable for medication administration and looking out for possible side effects, preparing care plans in collaboration with patients to address their specific needs as well as considering their holistic needs. Fredrick has learnt a lot about reflective listening skills, good communication skills, working as part of a team and accepting positive and constructive criticism in the work place. Through his work placement he has received further training in customer service, report handling and emotional intelligence skills to identify an individual’s different reaction in work environments.

Fredrick’s team have all been very positive and helpful to each other and were awarded team of the month from the recent staff balloting which is conducted monthly which he took part in it. Fredrick had this to say about his future “I am progressing well with my work placement and working so hard towards achieving my goals of becoming a successful mental health nurse and a consultant in business and health care management.   I feel that I am making a difference to the team with the knowledge that I am gaining throughout my studies at ARU London.”

Olufunke Adebajo

Olufunke Adebajo

Olufunke Adebajo - BSc (Hons) Business and Hospitality Management

Olufunke completed her work placement as a Kitchen Assistant at Edwards and Ward, a catering provider to a diverse range of clients throughout the UK. During her placement, Olufunke was based at a primary school in London where it was her responsibility to prepare and serve the food to the children during the lunch period, ensuring that she was complying with food hygiene standards at all times.

Speaking of her placement experience, Olufunke states that she is ‘now on the track I need to be.’ She explains that whilst working can have a positive impact on studies, your studies can also have a positive impact on your work. ‘It’s a two way thing – your education in the class is helping you apply your knowledge to the work placement and your exposure in the hospitality sector from the placement also benefits your studies.’

During the work placement, Olufunke became a well-respected member of staff by the children and staff alike. ‘I was invited into classrooms to speak to the children about food and how to make sure they are maintaining a balanced diet and lifestyle.’ As a result of Olufunke’s hard work, Edwards and Ward have kept Olufunke on as an employee.

Olufunke hopes that her work placement experience will assist her in eventually opening up her own catering business when she returns to Nigeria upon completion of her course.

Farhana Bandhan

Farhana Bandhan

Farhana Bandhan - Master of Business Administration – Healthcare

Farhana completed her work placement at Clifton Rise Family Surgery as a Medical Receptionist.

Whilst Farhana’s responsibilities predominantly consisted of booking appointments, registering new patients and answering the telephone, Farhana spoke about the range of other important tasks which were assigned to her. ‘I had to regularly liaise with hospitals regarding patient records, ensure that the Practice was complying with QOF (Quality and Outcomes Framework) regulations and prepare reports so that they were ready to be sent to the CQC (Care Quality Commission). The doctors were obviously very busy and did not have the time to do these jobs so it was my duty to ensure that certain processes were being maintained, on top of my day-to-day tasks.’

Whist working as a Medical Receptionist during the week, Farhana also needed to ensure that she stayed up to date with her Major Project. ‘If you start your work from day one, you will have enough time to complete the project to a high level. You always have the support of the lecturers whilst on placement and they were even e-mailing me asking how my project was going.’ Farhana explained.

Like the majority of the placements ARU London offers to its students, the work experience gained will be directly relevant to the student’s course of study. Farhana stated, ‘the work experience confirmed my decision to work in the healthcare industry and I hope to return to my home in Bangladesh once I have completed my MBA so that I can implement some new ideas I have acquired to their healthcare system.’

During her placement, Farhana was trained on how to use various medical systems such as ‘Connect Care’ and ‘Docman.’ She explains how every day offered learning opportunities and ways to develop both personally and professionally. ‘Every day I was learning new skills because every person is different and I needed to adapt my approach to suit their medical needs.’

Rana Atsoi Tetteh

Rana Atsoi Tetteh

Rana Atsoi Tetteh - BSc (Hons) Business and Healthcare Management

Rana recently completed her work placement at Tabitha Childcare, as an Assistant Child Minder.

Having previously worked in the healthcare industry for over fifteen years, predominantly taking care of the elderly, this placement allowed Rana to broaden her experience in looking after children. Reflecting on her experience, Rana explains that she now understands the pivotal role Child Minders play in society. ‘Whilst the children’s parents go to work, I not only had the responsibility to keep them safe under my supervision, but I also needed to organise activities to assist in their early years of development.’

In terms of the skills gained during her time at Tabitha Childcare, Rana believes that her communication skills have developed as a result of working with children. ‘Every child is different and I have needed to adapt my approach to suit their individual needs. This placement has given me the exposure and insight needed to be able to work with children.’

Rana believes that her employability prospects have greatly improved as a result of her work placement. ‘Once I have completed my degree at ARU London, I hope to secure a managerial role in the healthcare industry. I now have experience working with different groups of people, so I have options as to what field I would like to specialise in.’

Rosemary Abumhere

Rosemary Abumhere

Rosemary Abumhere - BSc (Hons) Business and Healthcare Management

Rosemary worked at LifeCome Care for her work placement, as part of her course. Upon completion of her placement, the company decided to keep Rosemary on as a result of her hard work and overall excellent performance.

As a Support Team Worker, Rosemary looks after and takes care of the elderly and other vulnerable groups in society.  Speaking of her experience, Rosemary explains how this is much more than just a work placement. ‘The people I look after feel like they are part of my family. They rely on me to look after them and see to their needs. I have developed some amazing friendships with both the people I take care of and also my fellow support team colleagues.’

Rosemary firmly believes that her work placement has increased her employability prospects. ‘I have learned so much in a short space of time as a result of the excellent training I have received on the job. My communication and teamwork skills have both increased and I can go home at the end of my shift knowing that I made a difference to people’s lives.’

How does Rosemary cope in terms of balancing her work with her studies? ‘This is not a problem for me. My shifts are all structured around my classes so with effective time management, I can ensure that I have enough time for independent study and completing my assignments.’

Rosemary hopes to continue to progress in the healthcare sector after completing her degree at ARU London.

Sheldon Rowe

Sheldon Rowe

Sheldon Rowe - BSc (Hons) Business and Healthcare Management

Sheldon has been working at Lewisham Council for his work placement, as part of his course. An employee of the Council since 2010, Sheldon was able to undertake his placement without the inconvenience of moving jobs.

Sheldon works as a community transport driver where it is his responsibility to ensure that his passengers, which include the elderly and those suffering with a range of mental disabilities, are driven to their appropriate center safely. Working as part of a team which includes two driving attendants, Sheldon explains that the experience has been a real eye-opener for him. ‘It has been great to experience the practical side of caring for people and this has had a positive impact on my studies. As a result of my placement, I have developed a passion for helping those in need and I am now fully focused on continuing to change people’s lives.’

Paying special tribute to the ARU London Employability Team, Sheldon commented that the support he received throughout his placement was first-class. ‘There was a constant communication between the Employability Team and myself and I have been given excellent support throughout my entire placement experience.’

Sheldon believes that he has been able to grow both personally and professionally at Lewisham Council. His communication and teamwork skills have also benefited as a result of his placement. ‘I have come to realise that every individual is different and I need to adapt my communication skills accordingly.’

Reflecting on his experience as a whole, Sheldon believes that his employability prospects would not be as strong as they are now without the ARU London’s unique two day a week timetable. ‘I was worried about going to University for financial reasons but the ARU London timetable allows me to work alongside my studies so this is not an issue for me.’

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