MSc International Project Management

Quick Facts

Campus: London
Duration: 1 Year (Full-time) or 2 years (Part-time)
Available Starts: September, January, May

Over the course of your MBA, you will study a total of 10 modules. See below for the modules which you will study.

Project Risk Management

Legal and Ethical Aspects of Project Management

Principles of Project Management

Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management

Leading Projects

Applied Project Management Solutions

Strategy in the Public and Private Sectors

Research Methods and Ethics

Business Improvement and Change

This Module will focus on business processes and systems (hard and soft), which are critical to business success, and the benchmarking and refining of those processes systems. As such, students will be introduced to a variety of benchmarking tools and techniques measuring Key Performance Indicators, Critical Success Factors for specific firms in a variety of industries and business environments. The conceptual tools and models will introduce students to operational, financial, organisational and cultural conceptual frameworks that are used in practising business and consultancies, to diagnose, analyse and evaluate among alternative potential change scenarios giving a qualified estimate of potential success of managed programmes of change rather than “guestimating” the potential outcomes. As well as examining planned change efforts of firms, to improve their position, we will look at unplanned, emergent strategies of change.

Postgraduate Major Project

This module supports students in the preparation and submission of a Masters stage integrative case study. This major case study is practical, desk based, and is designed to promote critical thinking and provide an opportunity for students to demonstrate some or all of the following in a practitioner environment:

  • The ability to challenge and meaningful question issues in relation to their business and management specialisms, reflecting upon international business environments.
  • Depth of knowledge which may involve working at the current limits of theoretical, practitioner and or research understanding.
  • Critical understanding of method and its relationship to business knowledge and application
  • Awareness of and ability to develop solutions to ethical dilemmas likely to arise in their research or professional practice through reflection and application of international ethical and governance codes
  • The ability to draw meaningful and justifiable conclusions from information which may be complex or contradictory
  • The ability to communicate these processes in a clear and effective manner. One of the main focuses for the design of this module has been the application of advanced research methodologies and method in a manner that supports the activities of an international business practitioner, as appropriate to their specialism.

In developing such a link the module will further aide development of relevant employability and professional skills. Such skills are implicit in the learning outcomes. The module is designed to evaluate the deeper knowledge and understanding of students by assessing applied research skills within an international business environment and to assess their ability to assimilate new knowledge and facts and respond to these appropriately within defined time constraints.