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Scholarship Winner - Antoaneta Blagoeva

21st May 2021

As part of our commitment to developing our students' knowledge, skills, experience, and employability in their chosen fields, we offer a 50% tuition scholarship. We caught up with Antoaneta Blagoeva, one of our successful May 2021 Masters Scholarship Programme applicants to find out what she finds most rewarding from her postgraduate degree and the scholarship:

"Since 2017, I have been planning to study MSc International Project Management (MSc IPM), as this will enhance the current business management knowledge and skills that I gained through my previous Anglia Ruskin London undergraduate degree in Business and Tourism management.

The International Project Management postgraduate degree has modules such as ‘Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management’ and ‘Business Improvement and Change’. This means that I will be able to capitalise on my strengths in business management and my leadership skills.  In addition, I decided to study International Project Management as the degree offers essential modules such as ‘Strategy in the Public and Private Sectors’, ‘Leading Projects’, and ‘Project Risk Management', which ensures delivery of knowledge and skills related to innovative project management approaches that directly refers to corporate strategy, leadership, and sustainability.

Secondly, I decided to study for a postgraduate degree due to UCASstating that a postgraduate degree improves career development. In fact, “65.6% of working-age graduates were in high-skilled employment in 2019, compared with 78.9% of postgraduates”1. Putting this into context it would mean that I decided to study this postgraduate to increase my employability competitiveness by over 10 % on the post-Covid19 and post-Brexit job markets. Additionally to this, the course provides high-quality project management resources and enables access to experienced project professionals’ network through the APM Chartered Body Project Profession. 

Thirdly, the decision to apply for the ARUL 50% scholarship was vital for me for financial reasons. The ARUL scholarship will support me while I begin researching new career developments and apply for graduate positions. In addition, the Covid-19 pandemic and post-Brexit markets impacted the self-employed business that I have been operating since 2013. In this context, the ARUL 50 % scholarship allowed me to make a new business investment that restarted the operations of my enterprise activities.

Lastly, I plan to achieve several major goals after I graduate in MSc International Project Management. In terms of education, I plan to achieve an MBA International followed by a PhD. In terms of career development, I plan to achieve a new career closely linked to international project and business management and sustainable development of my own international tourism & hospitality business."


All ARU London alumni are offered a £2,000 scholarship if they wish to continue their studies to a postgraduate level.

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