The Employability Scheme is designed to help you build and improve your employability skills and prepare you for the graduate job market.

ARU London is proud to offer the Employability Scheme to all its students.

Throughout the year, the team organises the “Employability Passport” programme to help enhance employability skills such as: CV workshops, interview preparation, Introduction to LinkedIn and your personal brand to name a few.

These sessions are open to all students at any time, come along to an Introductory session. Please follow these instructions on how to join the Online Employability Passport and Industry Exposure sessions.

The ARU London Employability Passport.

The experience and knowledge acquired while attending such meetings were very advantageous to my professional growth, it will undoubtedly benefit me on the journey to secure my first graduate job - Graduate from ARU London

I received a lot of information and advice for my future career. I really liked my one to one session regarding my CV sign off, I had the opportunity to ask some questions and got back clear answers - First year student at ARU London

The mock interview was a highlight for me, that helped me to improve my interviewing skills. The Industry Exposure Sessions were a lovely snapshot of the future! - Second year student ARU London

The CV building workshop was very useful, I used to apply for 50 jobs and only received 5 calls, now I have submitted 4/5 CVs and receive phone calls for all of them - Final year student at ARU London

I continued attending the sessions even though I already completed the stamps within my Employability Passport, I enjoy listening and learning about all aspects of employability - Final year student at ARU London

I found CV sign off really helpful, especially when the advisor helps you to improve it and gives you tips on how to answer interview questions - Graduate from ARU London

I had the chance to meet employers face to face instead of just having lecturers teaching the topic. It definitely helped when I was able to communicate with those who were in the work environment so it's more realistic - First year student ARU London


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